Borough of Poole Council Contact Number: 01202 633 633

Contact the council for the borough of Poole by calling their local phone number 01202 633 633 for general enquiries about tax, local housing, bin collections and social services in your area.

The Borough of Poole Council is the local administrative body for the English south coast town, overseeing public services in the area including social housing, children’s services, bin collections and planning permission. You can phone their general enquiries phone number 01202 633 633 to make a complaint about any local service under their jurisdiction, for example if you suspect that you have repeatedly overpaid on your council tax bill you can dial this number to request a refund. You can also phone this helpline to make a payment over the telephone and to confirm the tax bands on your road. Moreover you can contact registrar services by calling this number to accurately record births, deaths and marriages through a Poole registry office.

Calls to the Poole Council contact number 01202 633 633 and their other helplines will be charged at a per-minute rate as well as a minimum per-call charge which are both determined by your provider. However calling any 01, 02 or 03 telephone number falls within free inclusive calls packages thus you can use any remaining minutes on your contract to phone Poole Council for free.


Council housing – 01202 264 444

Phone the Poole Housing Partnership (PHP) on their UK contact number 01202 264 444 for enquiries relating to council housing, for example you should dial this helpline to submit an application for a social house. If you are an existing tenant you can call this number to request urgent maintenance if your heating or hot water supply is not working. Furthermore you can call this helpline in emergencies if your house is no longer habitable due to fire or flooding. Finally if you are no longer satisfied with where you are living you can call this council service department to request a transfer to a new property within the Poole area.


Bin collection and waste – 01202 261 700

Contact the waste department at Poole Borough Council by calling their Bournemouth-registered phone number 01202 261 700 to check bin collection dates, to complain about a missed collection and to report anti-social littering. For instance if there has been fly-tipping in your area you can call this helpline to get the rubbish removed, similarly if offensive graffiti has been painted near where you live you should contact this team.


Social services – 01202 633 902

Contact the adult social care team at Poole Council by calling their dedicated phone number 01202 633 902 to speak to an advisor for support. Social services provided by the council include therapy treatments, secure accommodation and follow-up care to help vulnerable residents with their mental health needs. This helpline is open 8:30am-5:15pm Monday-Thursday and 8:30am-4:45pm Friday so please call their out of hours freephone number 0800 50 60 50 in the event of emergencies during weekend hours.