Brownsea Island Scout Camp: 01202 707 744

You can contact Brownsea Island Scout Camp on their Dorset phone number 01202 707 744 to discuss their activities for school children and scouting groups, for information about any instructor-led learning sessions, or to enquire about eco adventure camping for families.


Camp Phone Number – 01202 707 744

Located in Poole Harbour, the Brownsea Island Scout Camp began as a boys’ camping event and was organised by Lieutenant-General Baden-Powell to test his ideas for his seminal book, ‘Scouting for Boys.’ Now, the camp provides a popular venue for scouting groups throughout the Poole area, and through it’s outdoor centre, hosts a range of activities from archery to water-sports. You can therefore call Brownsea Island Scout Camp on their main contact number 01202 707 744 to arrange a group visit on behalf of your scouting group or school or for information about their instructor-led learning sessions. For instance, Brownsea Island has a wide variety of activities for children, from educational, linked to the school curriculum, to scouting exercises. Accordingly, you should inform the camp representative of your group/school’s interests so that they can tailor an itinerary accordingly during your visit. You may also wish to contact the camp to discuss health and safety procedures when leading a group of children at the camp and outdoor centre, or the cost for a visit per-child. Specifically, the outdoor centre is open from April to September, and encourages scouts, guides and youth groups to get involved. However, the island also hosts special camping events for families throughout the year, and is open to the general public for eco adventure camping during term time. By this token, you should phone Brownsea Island for information about their opening times at various points of the year, or to ask how to get there from mainland UK.


Cost of Calling Brownsea Island

The Brownsea Island Scout Camp helpline runs a local rate contact number, charging callers the same fixed per-minute as rate any phone line prefixed with a ’01’ or ’02’ area code. However, you may be able to contact the scouting camp for free if your mobile tariff has inclusive minutes or if your landline package is bundled with free local calls.


Email Enquiries

If, however, you have been unable to contact Brownsea Island Scout Camp over the phone, then you can still make your relevant enquiries and group bookings via email, using their national trust address as follows: